Notary Public

Judy Swan is a notary public and was admitted as such in October 2014 without limitation in time. Documents which have to be authenticated, prepared, certified, witnessed and certify original and copied documents for overseas countries, can only be undertaken by a Notary Public. Because Judy can speak and read up to seven languages and has access to a multi-lingual workforce, she is able to notarise documents for you without any fuss. 

She has notarised documents in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch and Portuguese.  Her costs are below the recommended rate and she generally charges a flat rate irrespective of the number of documents that are required to be notarised on each occasion. 

The following notarial services are provided:-

  • Certifying of Copies of Original documents;
  • Witnessing signatures of statutory declarations, power of attorney, contracts, affidavits, oaths and affirmations;
  • Notarisation of Company and Trademark documents;
  • Authentication of official government documents which are required for overseas purposes; and
  • Binding documents presented for Authentication.
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